TomTom Navigator 6


Has anyone tested the new TomTom Navigator 6 software or upgrade for their TomTom Go/Rider/One?

They have a promotion where you can upgrade for free or with an nominal fee.

I have the TomTom Navigator 5.2 and the map is sort of outdated vs. Garmin, especially in the newer areas of Atlanta.


GO 510

I have a GO 510 that came with version 6 software. I haven't used the older software, so I don't have any perspective on how the new software compares.

TomTom uses a different source for their maps than Garmin, and I often see differences between them.



One thing I like about the TomTom is that we can download different voices.
I personally like the Jane UK English voice.

I was tempted to download Mr T's voice...

"I pity the fool that doesn't turn right"


The downloadable voices sound like fun, but I haven't tried any yet. I have my 510 is set to use the Lori (English US) voice.


It is definitely work the

It is definitely work the upgrade. You should do it before the special is over.

How can I edit/create TomTom Itineraries

Is there an easy way to manage and create itineraries for TomTom?

I would like to create and manage daily routes. Also, is it possible to label the waypoints or destinations with a meaningful name instead of just the address?

Thanks for any assistance or additional tips on this subject!

which version?

I am not sure you can create itineraries or daily routes. I just save the locations of place I visit often and use the (Navigate To)... (Favorite)...and select the favorite location.
I currently have TomTom Navigator 5 w/ a Palm TX.
As I save my favorites, I am able to change the names from the street address to a different location name.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

I should be getting a Dell Axium to use the Navigator 6 software soon.



What exactly are you looking to do??? You can go as far as using Google Earth to create itineraries and then import them directly into the TT.

I didn't know that you could

I didn't know that you could do that. I will have to try that with my TT6 on my PDA phone. It should be easier than doing it from the PDA itself.


You need to use an additional program with Google Earth. If you want the information, let me know, I have it on my computer at home and I am out of town all this week.

Itenary from Google Earth

How do we impor it.
I am interested too!


Try this program out. Great for bringing data in/out of TomTom and Google Earth.