Where'd my roundabout go?


I came across an interesting difference between the 2008 and 2009 maps and the voice trigger on my Nuvi 750.

There's a traffic circle near work that gets handled differently:

2008 Map selected:
"Drive .4 miles, then enter roundabout."
As I enter the circle:
"Enter roundabout, then take third exit"

2009 Map selected:
"Drive .4 miles, then bear right."
As I approach the third exit:
"Bear right."

What's interesting is that there's no difference in the actual map graphic, but there's some "behind-the-scenes" change which is triggering the Garmin differently.

Granted, enabling TTS will add the road name, but if I'm in unfamiliar territory, I think the first one would be much more informative. I'd like a heads-up on the traffic circle and exit ahead! Why would they remove that? I'm assuming the culprit is NavTeq here.
A step backward, says I. confused

Any one else notice a similar occurance?

Ron - StreetPilot C-340, Nuvi 750


I would agree with your comment regarding the info that there is a roundabout ahead. Definitely handle these things differently from a speed and a safety approach. Don't care for them much and wish they would go away but such was the way roads were designed years ago.

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