highway changes


i use my Nuvi760 daily while going to & from work ,
since i have the MSN traffic cable.
the highways around Atlanta are changing constantly and in order for me to get a timely alert to get over for the next exit this is what i did (hwy 316 east has a new exit ramp from I85 north)

while going in that direction with my screen zoomed in, as soon as i entered the new exit, i tapped the automobile icon to save the location as "316 east exit".
when i build my route i used "316 east exit" as a waypoint on the way to a further-on destination. this of course only works in known situations , but is a way to keep up to date on exit changes around the area where you live

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

Any Way to use a GPs

Sounds like another good suggestion on how to use another feature on the gps.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T