I still don’t totally understand the limit on entries in a category


I created a file in .csv format. I have something like 95 entries in the .csv file. I then open that with the POI editor that came with my 4250. I can save the file as an .mgln file on my laptop. I still have all the original entries in this file. When I load them into my GPS though only 49 are displayed, is that the limit that can be loaded into my GPS? So far the only way I have found around this is to break the file into two parts. Is there another way?


PS I made sure that no two entries in the category have the same name.


I'm a new 4250 owner and still learning. My understanding you can have up to 10 catagories with 1000 POI's in each catagory. I have one with 999 and it loaded ok. How are you checking the number in the 4250? If you select the "Nearest" function it may not show all, however if you do a search by name, you should be able to find them individually.

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not sure of your gps but...

I have a Garmin 580 and it lists 50 location that is closest to you. Hope this helps..

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I think that was the problem. It will just list the nearest POS's. By selecting “Spell POI Name” it was able to list points that did now show up before. So they were there all the time. Thanks guys..

1000 Per Catagory Limit

I just loaded the Good Sams POI file which contains 1485 entries. In the Magellan POI editor, it loaded all 1485 just fine and placed them in alphabetical order. I loaded them in the 4250 and search on a couple on the end of list and a couple in the beging of list. It appears they all loaded. To confirm the POI loaded into the GPS alphabetically I did a hex dump on the MGFN file and they are formated alphabetically so I feel confident that all POI's loaded.

Thats two things I have found that does not apply to the 4250. The description field is passed and more than 1000 in a single catagory can be loaded. Next is to check out the 10 catagory / 10,000 POI limit.

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