Download school zone alert zip file


I need some help. I purchased the school zone alert ov2 and downloaded it to My Garmin folder. The file is a zip file that is not recoginized when I use PPO Loader to try and down load it to my Garmin 780.

I haven't had any luck getting a response from the company that I purchased it from.

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Ok, you've said a couple of confusing things.

You purchased the school zone alert? From where? The school zone file here is free.

And the ov2 format is a TomTom format for Custom POIs. You need a file in the format of CSV or GPX for a Garmin unit. If you have purchase a file in ov2 format and wish to use it with your Garmin unit, you will need to convert it to a format that the Garmin can use. The POI Edit software ( will do it.

If you have downloaded a zip file that has CSV or GPX files in it, you need to unzip it on your computer and place the unzipped file(s) in the Custom POI folder on your computer and then run POI Loader pointing it to the Custom POI folder on your computer.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information. I was at the POI Factory site but since I travel all over the US, I noticed that GPS US Inc had a national school alert database. I guess I download the TomTom version instead of the Gramin version.

Does POI factory have the national database or just for specific cities? If not, I guess I can request a refund and then download and pay for the Garmin version.


Thanks. I found that file,


I found that file, deleted the incorrect version, and downloaded the your sites national version. That one downloaded just fine but the school zone alert is not alerting. I posted another message regarding this issue.

You are very kind to help all of us out. I owe you a beer.