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Hello everyone. Just got my c320 today. I have been looking at this site for a few day and wanted to wait to register until i got the unit. Well here it is smile

Now I am having a bit of a problem, I have loaded the maps that I want, D/L poi loader and wanted to load a few things from here. Well after 30 min of the things saying that I have no memory left, not true 37 meg free, it magicly loaded the parks for parks west. So went and looked and added some other files to the folder to get uploaded. It says the same thing and wont load anything new, it wont delete the old park file so I have no idea what it is doing. Any help would be appritiated.

internal memory

It could be that you don't have enough free memory inside the GPS (as opposed to the memory card). Try loading just a single smaller POI file (e.g., Waterfalls.csv) and see if that works. (Arrange things so that it's the only file in the directory you select with POI loader.)

If the POIs load successfully, you should be able to find them under "Where to" "Custom POIs".

Some Garmin models can read custom POIs from memory cards, but I haven't heard of anyone getting this to work with c320/c330/c340. It looks like you need to load POIs directly into these units via USB cable.


This exlpaings a lot, it

This exlpaings a lot, it says that the gps does not have enogh memory. I guess I wont be able to load the poi as i thought i would be able to. It did work with a small file. I saw that the poi loader allowed for it to be loaded on the sd card, it loaded it but did not show it on the unit. This is a bummer. Thanx for the info.

Well, it is now confirmed. I

Well, it is now confirmed. I can load stuff in, but there is not a lot of memory available on the device. Is there a way to make these list smaller? Instead of the hole mid west, having this poi by state would be helpfull. I don't know how to do this sad

smaller files

I'm planning to build some functionality on the site that will let you select smaller areas, but that will take some time. Right now, I can manually split some of the larger files for you. Just send me a note via the contact form.


thnx, email sent

thnx, email sent