how to make a poi


on fri JM made be a simple poi file to test the loading of poi on my c530 and memory card. I like to know how to do that. is there a "how to" file or site?

making a csv file

Here's a help page with some basic examples:

Garmin CSV Format

You can make simple files using Notepad (a simple text editing program that's included with Windows).

PoiEdit is another good option. It reads and saves a variety of POI formats (TomTom, Garmin, Navman and others). There's a link to PoiEdit on the faq / help page.


i made a text file on

i made a text file on notepad with longitude,latitude and name, long and lat were in dicimal degrees. i put in commas.saved as text.
then open in excel as general files. did not set column heading. then saved as csv comma delimiited. it did not work.


When saving in Notepad save file as filename.csv and it will be in proper format. Below is what a file line in notepad should look like:

-71.40098,42.30468,"Lowes of Framingham MA"

Note: There are no spaces after commas so basically all data is continuous.

Hope this helps.


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

my note pad does not allow

my note pad does not allow me to save in csv only text. and do i put column heading in either notepad or excel

it worked thank u very

it worked thank u very much

1st Poi!!

Just did my 1st POI using notepad and a little help from this great site! Typed in the lat and long that I found using google earth(another great site!). Its a place I go out to camp in the desert of Lucerne Valley, CA. to chill out. I then put it in my POI folder and downloaded it to my i3. Its stored in my i3 for my trip to the desert tomorrow after work. I'll see if it takes me thru some of the dirt road to the spot. Till then.

something else to try on your i3

If you're in some obscure location and you want to save this location as a POI just click your thumbwheel in for a couple seconds and your i3 will ask you to save it as a favorite which you can then rename. This is a handy feature for me because we often meet at odd places to start a job. Recently we did a lot of airport work at TF Green Airport and we met in field off of route 113 to get escorted into the airfield. I saved that as my point then named it TF Green Staging Area. There is no address for this field so it's a good feature.


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

Mo tips, the better!

Another great tip! This will come in handy. Thanks again.
Anybody out there uses Google Earth Plus (+)? Is the $20 worth it? It say you can use Garmin and other GPS units with it. Is it compatable with Garmin i3? And if so,what can you do with the i3 and Google Earth Plus?


The free Google Earth does just as good..
Thats what I use alot, for making my POI's.
Not the greatest, as I have to use MapQuest and another program first, then combine that with Google Earth info, (Google earth doesn't find everything on it's own).
I'd say NOT woth the money, I see NO extra benifets.