ATA and NSSA shooting ranges


Several months ago I started a shotgun club project. The project was to develop ATA and NSSA shotgun range and clubs that hold tournaments so people could find the clubs easier. Many, many hours went into the development of the POI files I've posted. To date I only have clubs in the east from Michigan down to Florida. Each file posted in the "sports" section included Skeet, Trap, Sporting clay/5 Stand, Rifle/Pistol, and camping facilities (if you upload them as gamin files and your waypoint categories are as follows: #1 skeet, #2 Trap, #3 Sporting Clays, #4 Rifle/Pistol, and #5 Camping). The files i've uploaded are NSSA/ATA shotgun ranges, Skeet and trap zone 2, 3, and 4 ranges all in the sports POI file areas. Each club location came from the NSSA and ATA, and Sporting Clays documentation books and each has been verified for corrected coordinates using goggle earth, and actual visitation. Yep, I've been to a lot of them.

I would appreciate any help with correct coordinated for any shotgun club in the states you don't see in these files. They should be listed with any one of the major groups above and associated with either the NSSA, ATA, or Sporting Clays. It will take me a long time at "level of effort" to cover the rest of the old USA but i will develop them for all of us to use. Traveling to some of the remote gun clubs can be a chore when you have a 5th wheel behind you truck. That is why I started this project. I had to back a 35 foot trailer several miles on a gravel road. "That sucked" as my wife said!