Magellan Maestro 4250


I just bought the 4250 from So far I like it and I'm comparing it to my 760 which is bigger, bulker and not portable. My only 'minor' complaints are the power button can be a challange when going from portable to plug-in mode, maps are out of date (over a year old including the AAA tourbook on AAA's site) and the poi database is definitely smaller than the 760's. These, for me, are not show stoppers. I love the traffic-nav option (free subscription for 3 months). My zone traffic is supported and I do heavy traffic areas every day. Also, compared to the 760, satellite connect is almost instant (even in the house). This was my biggest complaint with the 760 ie sometimes 10-15 minutes seek time on 4-balls (and I kept this up-to-date including early firmware). For me, this was a good update and I don't have a problem with the windsheld mount which is easier to carry onto the plane than the heavy base of the 760 dash mount.