Searching POI by Name


I am having a problem searching POI's by name. For example; I enter the name of a known POI, and then it doesn't matter if I choose Near Current City, Near What City, or Near Address it ALWAYS hangs and then resets to the main screen. Works OK if I search POI by category, or search using AAA Tourbook, or select a POI icon on the map screen.

I had recently updated to the new AAA Tourbook (ver. and new firmware ver 2.16 and I am not sure if it worked OK before I did that because I have only had my GPS a couple of weeks. I have downloaded and re-installed firmware ver 2.16 a second time and still no different.

Has anyone else had this problem with ver 2.16? Any suggestions would be most appreciated before I try Magellan support.


POI seach by name

hmmm I seem to be talking to myself. (and that's not that unusual really smile

Could someone that has the Maestro 3140 and has upgraded to firmware version 2.16 please let me know if they can successfully search POI's by name without it crashing and resetting.

If it proves that the trouble is with my unit and not a glitch with ver. 2.16 then I will take the unit back to the store for a refund. I have tried all methods of contacting Magellan Support (now there's an oxymoron) and all to no avail. I definately will NOT be sending the unit in for repair to Magellan given the total lack of response at Customer Support.

Any help from you good people would be greatly appreciated.


take the unit back

It never happened to my Maaestro 3225. May be problem with the new version. My best bet is return the unit, get another one and try it out.

Nuvi 2595LMT

Fed up with Magellan

dtlotus wrote:

It never happened to my Maaestro 3225. May be problem with the new version. My best bet is return the unit, get another one and try it out.

I see. You don't have a 3140 but truth-be-told it doesn't really make me feel any better knowing that it never happened on your model - the model I don't have. Sounds like you haven't upgraded to the new version either and it probably isn't the same as mine anyway. Trying to find out if there is a glitch in the ver 2.16 upgrade on the 3140 was the whole point of my question. But on the other hand, good idea to return it and try out another one except...sadly they don't have any more where I bought it. I WILL return it though and even though I do like all the features for the price and great interface and accuracy, the Magellan support is totally useless and that makes the GPS totally useless if you have a problem. From what I have read here and and on other Magellan forums it is not a good idea to send it back to Magellan (at a cost of $25 shipping and insurance BTW) and have it gone for months only to have the same or different problems.

I have tried the support phone number hundreds of times of every hour that they are open (?) and all I ever get after wading through the menu is "Your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try later." I did get 2 email responses but by the illiterate grammar and the obvious no clue of anything technical besides "re-set and re-try" it is obvious it isn't going to be any better talking to someone in a far away land by telephone that makes 15 cents and hour.

I bought this unit for the features and the 2 year warrantee (if a AAA member). As far as I am concerned there is NO WARRANTEE at all.
OK. Off I go to shove my Magellan where the sun don't shine and then I will buy a Garmin. Then I am going to AAA and pick up a free hard copy of the AAA Tour Book. I know you meant well dtlotus, thanks anyway but really it was no help at all.
(and sorry for the rant)


Firmware 2.16 with Magellan Maestro 3140


I just recently bought a 3140 and immediately upgraded the firmware to 2.16. I am able to search POI's by name without it locking up.

I'm generally happy with this unit once I figured out how to navigate through the different sections.