Need help with crossover


hello, i need help, i just bought two new magellan crossovergps in America but what i got is the 2500t version and it does not work with the Icelandic map. is there anything i can do to make it work like the European version of the Crossover. i am thankful for any help you could give me.
Thanks. oggi

Crossover Iceland

I think if Iceland is included in the European set of maps, you have to use the firmware Magellan specifies for that mapset. Don't know if you can download and flash the proper firmware from Magellan, but remember threads on the NA 2500 about prob reverting to older firmware. Look at some of the Crossover threads on forums

i have not found the europe

i have not found the europe firmware anywhere, is there any one out there that has it? or any other solution to my problem