Most Current Maps (TomTom map version numbers)


Hi All,

Tom Tom is much more confusing to me than is Garmin. With Garmin, I have to buy new maps every year or so. How can I tell if my 920 map is up to date? The Tom Tom home application says it is, but also wants me to buy new maps. Does anyone know how to look at the map version number and tell if it's up to date?


The Newest versions...

that I found discussed at is 710.15 and 710.16. If you browse that site you will find more info regarding your device (I have a One NE myself).

Believe me, you'll get more info/help there than you will at the official TomTom site! smile


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TomTom Maps

I just bought a Tomtom 720. Latest map guarantee gave me NA 715 maps. To find out what software and maps that you have, touch the GPS signal bars on the lower right hand side of your GPS. Then touch where it says version xxx. The next screen will have all of the info that you need.


Thank You

Thanks for the web site pointer. It's much better than Tom Tom's official site.

I also have version 715 maps.

The Tom Tom At Home application would let me buy those maps again, claiming that I don't already have the latest maps.


I've only had my Go for a

I've only had my Go for a week, with 710.1584 maps, but Home keeps telling me the 720 maps are available, and that I have to pay to get them, because supposedly I've owned the Go for over 30 days. Can they not count? I've only had it for 7 days. Good thing the map calcs are not this far off!

Call support

I recently bought a One XL*S and the same thing happened to me. I called TomTom tech support. They asked me to scan my receipt and send it to them via email. Within about 10 minutes I had the new 720 maps in my account to download.

new tomtom maps

I had the same problem so I called tech is what they told me to do and now I have new maps.

1. Connect your TT to your computer, when it asks if you want it to connect to your computer click YES.

2. After TT home opens go to the top left of the screen and click on TOOLS (I think it's tools...I'm doing this from work and Anyway...look for USE MAP UPDATES and click on that...that will start the updates of the maps in your TT.

I've read it on here over and over again about how good one brand is over the other. The way I look at is this...they all have their quirks and plusses and minus' the end though they all get you to your location. At first I thought that TT was a bit convoluted in the way it does things...then I looked at a friend's Garmin and felt the same way...both units are good...I just got used to the TT first I guess.

tomtom GO930

They had me do the same.

They had me do the same. Unfortunately it took 2 days, because I had to call them from work, since their support lines closes too early. And of course my proof of purchase was on laptop at home, where Home was also installed. I don't bring that laptop to work ever, because Corporate is recording MAC addresses, and blocking a lot of sites. So call them yesterday, upload the proofs last night, call them again today to fix my account, now second night I finally download my files.

One note, though. Even though they told to go through the update dropdown menu in Home, I could not do that. So I disconnected the Go from my laptop, then connected it, and let Home search for available updates.

Proof of purchase

I have read over and over about people having to show proof of purchase, I never had to do that when I did my map updates...interesting.

tomtom GO930