Newbie - TTNLTR Preserves file


I just joined and used the info here to create and upload a new POI file. It's a listing of all the preserves in the Thousand Trails-Naco-Leisure Time Resorts family based on the latest data in the membership directory. I hope this helps other TTNLTR members.

The listings indicate whether the preserve is TT = Thousand Trails, N = Naco, or LTR = Leisure Time since different memberships can only use the appropriate resorts.

Next I'm considering creating a Resorts of Distinction (ROD) file:-)

Please excuse any typos. I have no one to proof read it and I already found that I mistyped Whitney... sigh...


RV-spirit FT on Safari

the ROD file was just

the ROD file was just submitted by rwcrosby yesterday;) Here it is

I have removed the TT/N/LTR file from the moderation Queue now and it is located here:


Miss POI


Hi RV-Spirit,

I'm a TT employee creating an advanced POI file with addresses, phone numbers, amenities, etc.

Be aware that the great majority of coordinates that you took from either the park mini web sites or the directory are wrong. This is because the web people and/or the individual parks mixed the coordinate formats.

For instance, the coordinates for Oceana in your file put that park in the woods on the north side of Grays Harbor south of east-west portion of 109. The park is actually about 1000ft. north of 5th St. above the town of Ocean City

Unfortunately, without a program like GeePeeEx Editor or actually taking a reading at every park entrance, it would be very difficult to get accurate coordinates. As a TT insider, I can call each park and have them confirm my coordinates while I look at a Google Earth hybrid map.

So you may want to remove your POI and I will post mine when I finish some time in the future.

Have questions? Contact me at workampingatgmailcom.


Did you ever finish your Thousand Trails poi's - does it include Outdoor World? and where would I find it?...