Loading custom Poi files to a TomTom go 510


Does anyone know how to import poi files to a Tom Tom Go510? Any help would be appreciated.

converting to TomTom use

I have a TT910 but use a Mac, which excludes me from some of the software solutions involved in POI creation.
POIs here are uploaded as a comma-separated-value (.csv) file, perhaps as an output from Microsoft Excel, or maybe a dedicated program. They must be converted to an .ov2 format for use in the TomTom.

Bob Ball

Thanks for the tip, it works

Thanks for the tip, it works great!

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Visit this site for helpful info on ALL TomTom models:


You can convert .csv files into .ov2 files, for uploading to your GO 510, using the BATCH CONVERT feature in POIEdit 2007. Once you've converted your files refer to the site above for instructions on how to load your particular model.

I have a TTOne NE and I can only help you with that particular model!

Any other questions just drop me an email. smile

Mike L.

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TomTom POI

If you have it in the correct format as mentioned in the other messages. Just hook up your cable and copy the files into the map directory. You will also need to have a BMP file for the POI. If you have specific problems post and we will help.

.csv to ov2 on a Mac?

Bob, did you find any program for the Mac that would convert the csv to ov2 format?