Orlando Maps


Hi there, I am travelling to Orlando at the end of April and I wondered if there was any way I could download a map which was up to date. The TomTom map seems to be out of date. I only need the Orlando Metro Area, but to include Disney etc.

no such thing

Any map you get, electronic or paper will not be up to date.

Some are newer that others but No map will have yesterday's information.

Depending on how old is the unit you own will determine how accurate or innacuarte the map is.

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You could Go HOME

If you access TomTom HOME on your PC you should be able to find and purchase a map specific to the southeast USA. Maps that cover other sections of the US, i.e., the northeast, the southwest, etc., are available for purchase as well.

If you have the most current issue of the USA_CANADA map or the NORTH AMERICA map you shouldn't have any problems getting around in Orlando, or anywhere else in the US for that matter. smile

Also check TomTom.com or tomtomforums.com for more info!


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