ZTL (limited access in Italian cities) warnings POI


Hi - while this is more of a travel issue, the last few years have a seen a growing use of cameras to enforce limited access zones (residents only, no tourists). Alas, one gets a ticket (in the mail) even if one just inadvertently enters for even 100 feet (or whatever gets you near the camera). This is a good cash cow, so they actually send the tickets. (Unsure whether we will pay our's, but that is for the ethics forum.)

So query - I did not find any poi's anywhere which warn against entering a ZTL, and I am assume that these are streets that look legal on the NavTeq maps (since they are legal for residents), and obviously Garmin has nothing to click off "avoid ZTL's." So does anyone have a lead on ZTL avoidance. I think is only in Italy.


Nuvi 255W/European SD card