C330 - how to back up or save favorites locations into CSV or GPX files?


Hi, I'm new to the forum and GPS's. It's my first one that I just got and I haven't even had a chance to use it yet.

Browsed around for the answer to my question (read topic) from the FAQs & forums but I could not find it. I have a C330 without an SD card. If I were to map some addresses on there and save them as favorites, how would I go about backing these locations up? I might want to modify them, or put warnings and upload them as POIs instead of a favorite... how would I download the GPS info into my comp?

And also once the POI is re-uploaded (from PC -> GPS) as a POI, is there an automatic way to erase the duplicate favorite entry that was originally in there?

Thanks in advance!

I forgot to mention that no

I forgot to mention that no extra drives show up in "My Computer" when I plug in the C330 & power it on. That would of been nice. I some a guide saying you could find the current favorites in some current.gpx file but I don't see that anywhere

Favorite entries

Favorite entries can be manually deleted individually on the C330 by pressing "Edit" and "Delete".
Or you could modify the Favorite list via "Mapsource"

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The c330 doesn't present itself to the computer as a USB Mass Storage device so you can't manipulate the internal files on the model.

The c330 also won't read Custom POIs from the SD card. You must load them to the unit itself.

If you don't have MapSource, you can use EasyGPS (which is free) to get your Favorites from your GPS unit.

thanks , I will go download

thanks grin, I will go download EasyGPS right now