Dumbest robbery suspect (off topic)

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We had a similar robbery here in Missouri, i 19 yr old got some beer and went to the counter the clerk asked them for id when the robber showed them his id he also showed them a gun and to hand over the cash, the clerk did as she was told in the rush to get the heck out of dodge he forgot his id ! she called the police and he was picked up a short time later drinking his beer and counting the money!

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That's as bad as robbers

That's as bad as robbers that write the note on the back of their own deposit slip.... or ones that the teller tells then they can't hand over the money because the note isn't signed, and hte criminal actually signs it!!.

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I remember reading about a guy who tried to break into a video store using a side door. The funny thing was the store was still open!

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