New Question about POI's


When people do poi's for the usa why do they leave the city and or state out of the address. I could understand for one's for a certain state, but I think it would be more helpful when that info is there for ones covering the whole USA.

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Like the School Zone POI

Ya, I know what you mean. For example, I noticed when I first downloaded the School Zone POI for the NorthEast there are no towns listed.

I wanted to go in and tweak locations a bit and found that it was rather hard to find the school I was looking for since so many schools have the same or almost the same names, especially since many are named after people whose names were not that uncommon so many shared names. So a search of the file turns up several different options for the one I am looking for, requiring a bit more research to figure out which one I really wanted.


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missing cities/states

I have the same problem. I download a POI file and delete the sites that I don't want or will never go to. Problem is - Where are they located? Street address usually don't help me. City and state sure does help, since I live about 12 miles south of the NC line into SC.

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