I am new to this and just bought 2 units. A Crossover for me and a Maestro 3225 for the wife. Updating the 3225's POIs from 1.5M to 6M was no problem thanks to a simple replacement file found on this site (link). No such luck for the Crossover however. Can it be that the 3225 recognizes .POI files but the Crossover doesnt. New to this so please help!!! smile
I am confused by the multiple file types and that most of the files in the POI download area are CSV's. Where are the .MGLN or POI files?
Thanks in advance for your wizdom

The CSV files are like Excel

The CSV files are like Excel files which you can use Excel and notepad to modify. Once done you must use Megallen's POI Editor to convert the CSV file to a .MGLN file. The reason for this is that the CSV can be used for any make of GPSs while the .MGLN files are specific for Magellan GPSs.

Magellan 2500T-NA Lowrance GlobalNav 200