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Another newbie....


I am a newbie to the site. I am not a newbie to GPS' though.

I used to own an older Magellan GPS, and used it quite frequently to go on trips, and a few geocaching hunts. I traded up to a Dell Axim x50v with the GPS add-on and used it very frequently until I updated it from Windows Mobile '03 to '05 and the bluetooth became very flakey and unreliable, so....time to upgrade again.

I bought and received a nuvi 660 just last week and found this site while hunting down POI's. This is great. The wife and I were planning a Virginia Winery trip in a few weeks, and I've been spending all my free time hitting Google to find and map the wineries and also plotting them on Streets and Trips so we can figure out the ones we can and can't do on our extended weekend trip. I was dreading printing out the maps and directions from place to place (the wife is a terrible navigator), and trying to keep up with them all. When I found the Virginia Winery POI, I was like "NO WAY!!!, Somoene already did this??" and sure enough, someone mapped all but one that we're going to visit.


Since loading that one, I've loaded the TN Wineries, Tourist Guides for TN and VA, Blue Ridge Parkway, Theme Parks, and Drive-IN Theaters POI's. Now to become active or subscribe so I can load the Redlight Cameras POI.

Ok, enough rambling...

Nuvi 660 owner.


We are POI have been assimilated. smile

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I am sure you will enjoy this site, everyone is great and lots of help, be sure and read all the FAQ and dont be afraid to ask, this place has some super knowlegeable people.

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Hahaahha, Resistance is

Hahaahha, Resistance is futile...

I know my wife's eyes are rolling and she's not even at home right now.... LOL. She thinks this is just another toy, Until I showed her the Winery POI. Now she thinks it's a interesting toy.

Nuvi 660 owner.

My wife won't use it or the

My wife won't use it or the radar detector. Gees! But she sees the value of it, even though she is not happy that I spent money.

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Welcome ..

Would recommend though to take those printed maps, you will never know! Have a nice trip.


welcome put your feet up and scour the site, you will be amazed at what others have already done that you haven't even thought of.

use your imagination and add to the stack.


Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.


save your old paper maps cause you never know when the rest stop will not have any tp..


Welcome to the site the best place on the net smile

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welcome to the site.

welcome to the site.

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