Houston Area WiFi hotspots?


The WiFi hot spots file for the Houston, Texas (and immediate area) area is nearly a year old now. Any updates available? I'm going to be spending a bit of time in that coastal area and will be using avialable hot spots.

houston free wifi spots

here is a link for free wifi in houston
sorry not in gps formats


too bad they didn't include

too bad they didn't include the address, it would be a simple conversion.

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Here's another good link to Houston wifi


Looks like they have it in Google Maps, so they must have the addresses. Looks like they have had some posting spam there lately. Too bad....

Here is a link where you can

Here is a link where you can search for WiFi hot spots anywhere in the world. I've used it repeatedly and always found what I needed.



Here's a link that presently displays 190 WiFi locations in the Houston, TX, area. Most of the listings include the address and other info. JiWire also provide a secure wifi connection (JiWire Hotspot Helper) for a small fee.

This is the temporary direct link to Houston Wifi's.


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