Hey All. New to the forum. Got my first GPS (a Legend) from my oldest daughter and started Geo-caching.

Got my C550 just recently after a friend let me borrow his C340 for a trip to Texas. The C550 was pointed out by the same friend.

I look forward to all the things I might learn here.


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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site Warlock.Lots of pois to download and lots of help if you need it.

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Just watch out

Just watch out - this place is addictive.

Seriously, WELCOME to the best interactive web-site I've ever belonged too !
The people are friendly, the moderators outstanding and everyone tries to pitch in to help out and/or solve problems.

Enjoy cool

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Welcome Warlock

I'm sure you have already clicked on the "faq" and "getting started" links at the top of the home page. If not it is the best place to start.

If you have a specific subject of interest, enter it in the "search " window (also at the top of the home page)

You will be an expert in no time....


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Welcome, I am sure that you

Welcome, I am sure that you will love the c550, my close friend and coworker (same person) has it and she is happy with it. I was happy with the c530! Jusut liked the smaller size of the nuvi.

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This is a great forum. You will love it here.


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Warlock, Enjoy your visits and be sure to give as well as take. Tons of poi's for your pleasure, if you can add to something, look up the caretaker and have them edit your info into the file.


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Way to Go

Welcome Warlock hope you enjoy the wonderful site here with all the friendly people here Oh by the way you are not related to
Elizabeth Montgomery are you LOL smile

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