GPS, A Real Life Adventure!


We were traveling across Texas to Austin and thought we'd check out Luckenbach to see what the song was all about. Before leaving Luckenbach we asked our nuvi350 for a route back to Austin. We set the GPS options to 'Bus' (to depict a motorhome), 'Fastest' route, and 'Avoid Unpaved roads'. It directed us north of '1376' onto 'Jenschke Kunz Road' to 'Barrett Road' onto '290'. The wife says "You sure you want to go this way"? She noted the Official Texas State Map didn't even show this road; but I reminded her "the map was free and the GPS cost good money; therefore, the GPS is right. Besides, we're in the car ... not the motorhome, so let's give it a try".

'Jenschke Kunz Road' started out as a one-lane paved (sort of!) road. Then about 2 miles south of '290' the pavement stops and a rough LARGE-rock road starts. This can't be; after all, I set the GPS to 'Avoid Unpaved roads'!! Are we on the right road? We zoomed in the nuvi and sure enough, we're following the directed track. Mama again says "You sure you want to go this way"? I said "Why not, the GPS must be right". We went another short distance and came to a gate with a 'No Trespassing, Private Property' sign. Oops, what do we do now? Again I heard "You sure you want to go this way"? I said "Why not, the GPS should be right".

Soon the road turns to semi-mud, but we keep going. About a mile South of '290' the semi-mud ends and now things really get serious ..... the road ahead is nothing but a water-covered pasture trail! And Mama again says "You sure you want to go this way." I had to concede "Well, maybe the GPS isn't right after all!"

Needless to say, our little Geo Metro isn't a Mud-Runner; so we turned tail and backtracked to 1376. Had we been in the motorhome, we really would have been in deep doo-doo!!

The moral of the story?? "Don't always believe the GPS; sometimes the wife just might be right"!!

(We reported this error, along with the map's incorrect location of Luckenbach, to 'navteq'.)

"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

I've had a similar experience...

...since they went and gave all the rural roads around Iowa street names for E-911 database and emergency dispatch purposes, all the rural roads, paved or not, are avenues and streets, and few roads thrown in for fun - and I don't think Naveteq's database knows which of those are paved, and which are gravel - more than once I've been suggested to turn off a main road onto a gravel, and I ignore it, because I know the paved route.

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