POI file doesn't know where I am


I took all of the Wachovia Bank poi files for the multiple states and combined them into one big file (in alphabetical order by state). I loaded the file into my Nuvi 200 and then tried locating a nearby bank. The unit informed me that the closest one is in Alabama, several hundred miles away from me here in Pennsylvania. (I have PA branches loaded into the file). I edited the file, removing the Alabama entries, and now the Nuvi reports that the closest branch is in California, the next state in alphabetical order.

I had done this before but just got a new computer and forgot to get my old .csv and .gpx files off of the old one before it went away. I thought maybe there was some kind of error in the file that prevents it from reading down to the more local entries but I wouldn't think it would be able to parse and load it if there was.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Does your GPS unit have a satellite lock when this occurs?

How are you searching?

Don't Know

I have a nuvi 200 as well and it will locate new POI entries that are local to my area. I assume your coordinates are correct?

Satellite lock

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

Does your GPS unit have a satellite lock when this occurs?

How are you searching?

Yes, there is a lock. To check, I click on Extras, Custom POI's and then to the category I want. Click on it and it has me looking at bank branches hundreds of miles away. All other POI's that I have loaded work fine. Click on one of them and it is showing me locations within a few miles of where I am.


Okay, if you want, you can send me the file and I can take a look at the data and see if I see anything. Send me a message through the site and I will email you back and you can send me the file.

Have you checked the built

Have you checked the built in Poi’s under bank? I’m curious to what result you get when looking for Wachovia Bank in your area.

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Built in POI's

The built in POI's all seem to work. I just checked and the first 4 responses for Wachovia are all within 10 miles of my current location. I already sent the file to Motorcycle Mama and she thinks it might be all of the carriage returns in the file. I checked and I have others that have them (keeps them looking nice when displaying) and they all seem to be working.

What irritates me the most is that I had a perfectly good working copy of this file and lost it without thinking.

Finally got it working

Just by chance, I found a missing " mark early on in the file. I put it in and then the file wouldn't compile at all. I split it up into individual states again and found a problem in the NJ file. To be perfectly honest, I don't know what the actual problem was as I unwrapped the file and put all of the individual entries on single lines and the problem went away. I broke it up into multiple lines per entry again and it still works.

Thanks for the help.

We should hear from MM Soon

No problem, I'm curious to hear from MM on her findings. As usual it's a good learning experience for all of us.smile

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Well, what I found was pretty much what he said. There were lots of carriage returns, and when you opened the file in Notepad, all the lines ran together. POI Edit wouldn't open it as it kept finding errors. And there were extra quotation marks that kept popping up when I tried to edit out some of the data.

That's one reason why I tend to avoid the whole "extra line breaks" thing in my files. No offense intended toward those who use them, but to me they just add extra stuff to the file that makes it more difficult (for me) to edit the files. I prefer to see everything cleanly on one line. That's just me, though.

Line breaks

It is nice to have everything on one line if you are trying to edit a file but not so nice when you want to see it displayed neatly when you view on it on the GPS unit.

A decent text editor will treat those as just ASCII characters and they are not much different than a letter or number. If you are using something like Notepad, however, I can see where they can cause a problem.

Poi that dont show

I think that some poi's are not assenble properly, maybe somthing missing...
I had sommething like this before and it was the writhing of some poi's the problem.
It is not the poi that will now where you are but the GPS...

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