ZUMO 550


I am thinking of pruchasing a new GPS for use on my Halrye and in my cars. How are the ZUMO 550's holding out? Any quirks?


Hey, BuffaloChip, you can get a wealth of Zumo specific information over at the Zumo Forums.


Please join us over there.

Oh, and I love my Zumo!

Zumo 550

+1 for the Zumo... and the www.zumoforums.com website!


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Zumo is awesome for scoots!

Zumo is awesome for scoots! My Goldwing has the factory Nav (almost useless) and I added the Zumo for functionality.

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The Zumo rocks. See:

Zumo 550

I have had my Zumo 550 mounted and installed since June 4th, 2007. The only issue I have had with it is the motorcycle mount. The pins locking the unit in separated from the locking unit and when I "opened" the lever, the pins didn't retract with the cover, so the Zumo stayed locked in. Garmin is sending me a replacement mount N/C. Great service from Garmin.

Oh yes, I have put about 11000 miles on the bike and the Zumo since I bought it, and I ride in all kinds of weather except ice.

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