custom POI


I have a Nuvi 350 and have downloaded custom POI's. They are in the nuvi. I have used 3d, north up and up arrow and do not see the POI's ever.

Does anyone have any ideas why?



If you loaded them

If you loaded them correctly, you have to zoom in at least 200 ft to see them on the map.

If you are talking about in the "Extras" > "custom pois", need more info.

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Just curious

Whether the .bmp icons are in the folder that was uploaded to GPSr ????????????????

I'm lucky , with the C330 & C340 I can still see icons out to 800 ft. scale.

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This might be a cool thing

This might be a cool thing to ask Garmin for on an update. Get select POIs to show up at any distance.

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custom PIO's

You advised that custom POI's on the Nuvi 350 could be seen if the zoom is set to 200ft. A good call. Now I can see the custom POI's.




Ok, I'm puzzled....

I always believed all that this thread has said, but today when I was running a short simulation just to test a different TTS voice, I was able to see the icons for several custom POI's as my 260 was driving the route in 3D display. Several custom POI icons were visible as a passed them... Outback, Subway, and one that I wasn't sure of. I have never seen them when actually driving the same route.... maybe because I don't watch the screen most of the time, but I would think that I'd have seen something sometime.

Does it work in simulation, but not when driving a live route???

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