POI Files And a Garmin/Kenwood KNA-G510


I have loaded my first POI file via a SD card "all Quik Trip Gas Stations" I have found another one I want to load (redlight Cams) but I can only over write my first file. How do I edit/merge mutiple CSV files. They open in Excell, can I just cut & paste them together then save the new file ?

how about

If you just drag and drop the individual files into your card reader/writer? I'm guessing you are using a card reader/writer. You have a folder named "Quick Trip" and a folder named "redlight cams". I'd think you could just drag and drop or copy and move or right click on the file --> then "send to removable drive{whatever letter it is}"

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Thanks for the Quick

Thanks for the Quick responce!!
The files I have are in .csv format when I use the garmin POI loader it changes them to .gpi but it only allows one gpi file on the SD card at a time. The loader creates a file folder named garmin and a sub folder named poi then it puts the file in and names it poi.gpi . When I try to load the second .csv file it names it poi.gpi and over writes the first file.

Loading multiple POIs

Whenever you use POI Loader, it will replace the existing POIs on your Garmin or sd card. What you want to do is have all of your POIs in the same folder on your PC and then load from that folder. I keep a folder of my POIs on my desktop at all times and add new POIs to that folder. If you are using POI Loader beta, if you have subfolders in the structure, they will appear on your GPS as subcategories. The FAQs give information on this also: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/87.

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loading multiple poi's

Exactly as mkahn states.
Using the Garmin poi loader, I have been loading my pois to an sd card that's installed in my c550 that is connected to the computer via usb. I just tried loading onto an sd card via a card writer/reader. Loaded multiple poi files just fine. You could use the "manual" mode in the poi loader and you should see each file come up and you are asked if you want to ignore that file. In the "express" mode it will load all the files within that directory.
Just remember, all the csv files you want loaded onto the sd card must be in the same directory. ie, direct the poi loader to your "poi files" within that folder you have the file "quick trip" also within "poi files" place your file of "red light cams".
When the poi loader looks in "poi files" it will find "quick trip" and "redlight cams" and load both of those. You can name your folders whatever you want, maybe this visual example will help.

-----------poi files------
------------- | -----------
------------- | -----------
quick trip and redlight cams

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I use the KNA-G510 myself,

I use the KNA-G510 myself, it will overwrite all custom POI's every time you add any. What I do is keep a folder on my computer with all of my POI's in it. I just keep adding to it whenever I find any POI's I want and it just keeps growing. When I load POI's to the SD card, I add every single one of them everytime I use it so it adds all of the ones I had in the KNA-G510 again and all of the new ones.

P.S. They just released a new update for this unit.


Thanks A Bunch !!

Thanks so much everyone for all your help. My unit is now at V3.40 and I can see the quik trip and red light cams (I even edited the .csv file in excell and deleted all redlight cams out of my area).
Another question:
I run a small telecommunications business and have around 500 or so clients in my peachtree database. Is it possable to merge that address database with google earth or some other mapping software and get long/lat then create poi file from that? I dont want to have to enter everyones address manually.
One final note: After arguing with garmin they agreeded to send me v8 map update at a discounted rate $50.00 (as my new units are at v7) garmin originally wanted $150.00 each. What are others experiences. my older streetpiolt 2620s got one free map update and I could use purchased updates on 2 units.

Creating contacts poi

I created a similar poi files for my contact list. What you need to end up with is 3 or 4 columns in excel (see FAQ about creating POI files). I ended up with 4 columns, i.e longitude, lattitude, Name, "address, phone number". The last column in quotes you should subsitute a line break for the commas so that you end up with 2 lines of infomation in addition to the name.

How to create: You need the last two column data from your database. In excel you may need to merge or concatanate the data to end up with the appropriate columns. For the longitude and lattitude, you need to input the data to another site, such as "http://gpsvisualizer.com/convert?form=address. GPSvisualizer can lookup individual addresses or groups of addresses. I would copy the complete listing of addresses and paste them into the window on GPS visualizer (make sure to match their required format). They will return the longitude and lattitude. You can copy this data and insert into your excel file. When you have the proper 4 columns in excel, do a "save as" and save in the .csv format.

Hope this answers your question.

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That sounds prity easy I'm

That sounds prity easy I'm on it thanks again

Kenwood KNA-G510

I'm new to the site. I have the KNA-G510 and I have been in Iraq for the past 18 months. How do add the POI's to my Kenwood unit with the garmin POI loader its asking for me to connect the unit to the usb. I know I can update the unit with a SD card but HOW !!!. Please HELP !!!

Installing to SD card

You'll need to have a SD card reader attached to your computer.

If you have a SD card in the reader when you start POI Loader, it will let you save POIs to the SD card.


loading poi red light cams

help!!!!this is my 1st time trying to load poi on my g510,Iput the red light cams on a sd card using poi loader, and i inserted it in the navagation slot in my g510 did not get a message asking me if i wanted to install them...as far as i know they are not installed
I looked in the poi folder in the navagation menu and it was empty.pls someome help ......


http://www8.garmin.com/manuals/KNAG510_OwnersManual.pdf on page 39 it instructs you to load your custom pois to a sd card using poiloader.

1.Make a folder on your computer and give it a name. Example My poi's.
2.Download the csv or gpx file and put them in that folder.
3.If you want to add a bmp and mp3 . Download from site and also add to the same folder but make sure you name them the same as the file you want them to go with except the extensions.

>My pois=Main Folder
>>redlight cameras.csv
>>redlight cameras.bmp
>>redlight cameras.mp3
>>speed cameras.csv
>>speed cameras.bmp
>>speed cameras.mp3

4.Hook the sd card up to computer using a card reader.Then run Garmin poiloader.Use the down arrow on right when you see find device to locate the sd card . Select My pois folder when you come to browse
5.If you want alerts use manual mode instead of express.
6.You should get message so many pois are loaded at the end of the download.
7.Put the card in the kna-g510 you will get message prompting you to save them to the navigation system and you must answer yes.Once installed you will find them where to,my locations and touch custom pois.
8.On GPS go to where to then extras and touch custom pois and you should see them.
9.Every time you run poiloader it will overwrite the existing files.

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KNA G510

I'm still having problems loading red light cams from photo alert they are all in my sd card,but when i put it in my g10 nothing comes up prompt me to install them...would like to talk to some one 1 on 1 so he can tgell me what im doing wrong..Ill be going to dallas ft worth in the middle july, be leaving from phoenix and would be nice to have red light cams installed in my unit...is there a video tutorial explaing how to put them on an sd card somewhere on the internet, there are videos that show you how to put red light cams onto a portable gps unit ..

You say the pois are on your

You say the pois are on your card.To make sure put the sd card back in the card reader and open it up.Like under poi and see if you see a file poi.gpi .If you have that then the problem is just to get them on the gps unit.

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kenwood g510

this the poi and gpi is there
and file size is 2456kb...afte i put the card in nothing comes up do u have yahoo messanger

No.I sent you a email.

No.I sent you a email.

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KNA G510

can anyone tell me why i cant update my software from 3.50 to 3.80,i have the correct file.
its the kna series 380 i download the software and and i unzip the sile and it tells me 1 file has been successfully unzipped..and from there i put the new sd 2.0 gig card into the sd slot into my pc and i send the file to my sd card on the pc...before i remove the card i open the sd card and make sure the file is in there and it is.when i put it in . (navagation unit slot(the navagation is turned off)nothing comes up telling me its being installed i have left the card in there for as long as 10 minutes and i go and check the software version and its still reading 3.50..

KNA G510

TO MWDHAND need some help i have the kna g510.and in it i have the software version of 3.50 and there is a new 1 out thats 3.80 well anyways i went to the kenwood site and downloaded the new 3.80 software version the kna 3.80 i unzipped the files and it told me that the 1 file were unzipped .and in my sd card i have a folder named garmin and i sent the file to the sd card.(I open up the sd card and the file is in there)now when i put it in the navagation slot the sd card slot, is empty, and i put the sd card the 1 with the new software version..leave it in there for about 10 minutes and never get a message asking me if i want to update or install the new sotfware version...am i doing something wrong..


I am watching for a response on this issue as well sounds like you are doing everything correctly. My unit came with 3.80.Would like to know how to update as well when needed.

drdave00.I copied the below

drdave00.I copied the below stright from Garmin support search.

Create a Garmin folder on an SD data card. You must have at least 16 MB of space available on the card.
Download the appropriate self-extracting archive file onto your hard drive.
Run the downloaded executable file.
Click Browse and select the SD card reader. Select the Garmin folder.
Click Unzip to save the files in the Garmin directory on the SD card.
Wait for the message that the update was unzipped successfully and close the updater.
Remove the SD card from the PC.
Make certain the Hideaway Navigation System is off.
Insert the SD card into the Hideaway Navigation System. If there is already a card there, remove it first.
Turn on the Hideaway Navigation system.
Your Hideaway Navigation System prompts you to update software. Answer Yes.
The update begins. Do not power off unit while the update is in progress. When the update finishes you can verify the update by checking the version number in Menu>Settings>About>Software.
Remove the SD card.

Edit.See for updates by unit.http://www8.garmin.com/products/kenwood/

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kna g510

hello everyone i was finally able to install the new software update,i had the 3.50 and i upgraded to the 3.80..heres how i did it...I called up kenwood technical supportand had them explain it to me and he told me what i had to do was this...get an sd card and inside the sd card make a folder and name it garmin(he told me to make sure the name garmin is in lower case letters and not capital letters)the reason he gave me was that the kna is very tempramentaland garmin has to be in lower case....download the file,the file is called gupdater gcd....send that file to your sd cardonce its done downloading remove it from the sd slot...and put the sd card in the navagation slot in ur kna g510 (make sure the unit is turned off before putting the sd card in..power it up and after a few moments you will see a message saying it has detected a new software upgrade and would u like to install it click yes..the wait for it to finish installing ,then check to see if the new software update is installed in ur unit... thanks everyone for all ur help,and im especially thankful to charlie nuvi265 wt...he really helped me out alot...i hope his post helps someone else out...this was my very 1st time doing all of this and i learned through trial and error...once again thankyou all...

not reading

I as well am trying to put custom pois into my g510,I follow the instructions in manual and on this site and the unit does not read them?? No message to install them.
Can the mini usb slot be used for doing this,as i could install my pois that way. No one mentions a use for this slot?
Help is required please.

Did you do the

Did you do the following?
1.Make folder on computer and call it garmin
2.Download the csv or gpx files from poifactory.
3.Put the csv or gpx files inside the folder called garmin on the computer.
4.Hook card reader up to computer with sd card in it.
5.Run poiloader.When you get to find device you select the sd card.You have to use the down arrow across from device to locate the sd card.
6.When you get to browse you select the garmin folder location on the computer.
7.Complete running poiloader.Should get message so many pois loaded.
8.Take sd card out of card reader and put in unit.You should get prompt to install.

Note.If you want alerts you will have to choose manual mode instead of express.The ones you went alert for put mark in speed or distance and set as needed.Click next if you don't want alert for that custom poi file showing just click next.

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That is what I am doing,Folder on pc is called POI's folder in SD card is called POI.Says after running POI loader that 9,000 files are loaded onto device. Tried this twice with same results, as posted above.Formatted SD card to fat32 before doing the above.

The folder on the computer

The folder on the computer with the csv files in it has to be named garmin lower case only.

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I will do that now and reload to card and check if it works tomorrow, Thanks

Let us know how it works

Let us know how it works out.

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I will do that for sure,I just redid all with garmin folder on pc.

I use the mini-usb connector

I use the mini-usb connector to load POIs into the g510. You must first have the garmin USB driver and garmin communicator plugin installed, then when the USB cable is connected you will have a choice of GARMIN MODE/USB STORAGE. select GARMIN then start POILOADER and select the device from the detect menu. when you start the download you should see "transferring data" on the garmin screen. When it's done the g510 will reboot and you should see the POIs in the correct menu. If you select "USB STORAGE" the internal G510 drive will given a drive letter on your "my computer" window.

I have a small right-angle usb connector on the device so I can close the cover and keep it hidden away then have the cable routed to a easy location for connection to a laptop.

In GOD we trust, all others we monitor.

POI loading

Hi charlesd45, I tried your suggestion and it did not work.I had exactly the same results as before!! Am going to try with a usb cable next!!


Thanks, For that info I tried what you suggested and it seems to of worked.Went into a mode to chose Garmin or I chose garmin and think the pois loaded. Went into settings after and to pois in data now all it has is one choice which is to delete all.(which I didnt of course) Will go for a drive tommorow and check to see if we have it figured.
If all is well will get an angled usb cord as you suggest.Next time hooked up thou will do a back of mapping etc.to my pc.

Thanks again

Glad you got it to work with

Glad you got it to work with the usb cable.Sounds like that is the easiest way to do it.They need to do some more update on the manual about how the sd card works.

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Yes the instructions are not correct!
Thanks for your help.


With the USB cable and laptop you can also create routes using mapquest online, save them and download it to your GPS. It's pretty cool. grin

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That is good to know however,Will this work without internet? Where my vehicle is parked there is no internet! Just read save them then it is doable.

Sound files

I went driving and the custom poi's are there and are working. I would like to some audio voice and symbols to announce rather then the bing bing sounds.I am not sure how to do this for my unit.
Sounds like you cannot have custom vehicles or voices on these units and the sound files I want are voices,and I am not sure if these will work?
Unit is KNA-G510


I cannot get the Kenwood to see the POT.gpi file on my sd card. what am I doing wrong?


Why does the POI Loader require a folder to be created on the SD card? I cannot get the KNA to read the POIS I put on the sd card. I created a garmin folder on the sd ccard.

poi loader

You leave the part out that you need a folder on sd card. What should it be named so KNA 510 can read it?

SD card Read

I have recently updated my software on my KNA G510 and had trouble with the Navy reading the SD card. I used a old SD card and it worked. For all those using a newer SDHC card it wont work, trust me. Best result is to use a NON HC card, just a good old original non HD/HC Sd card and it will work fine. PS also name your folder in garmin (all lower case) Hope this may help anyone out there!

2010 map updates

I cant get my map updates to work. I got them from my friend that copied all of what was on his card and when I put it in to load it my kna-g510 just freezes up untill I take it out. Can anyone help?

To work It must be the original map update card not a copy

If the original card was a genuine Garmin map update card for the kenwood/Garmin G510 it will not work if it is a copy. It must be the original.

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That sucks

Ok well it was a try but owell. Thanks for the help

KNA fw rev 4.10 update (July 7, 2010)

mwdhand wrote:

P.S. They just released a new update for this unit.


FYI...there's an even newer update (4.10) just posted about a week ago. Your link still works for the newest update.


can you help me please i am unable to use mp3 soind on custom poi in kna g510 i tried your method on nuvi 200 with wav file work great but unable to use on kna g510 there is anu setting to convert mp3 i have to use. Thanks

SDHC support

shinner wrote:
mwdhand wrote:

P.S. They just released a new update for this unit.


FYI...there's an even newer update (4.10) just posted about a week ago. Your link still works for the newest update.

This update is great. I'm using a 8G SDHC card with newer maps. Map redraws are faster and the display seems to have a lot more detail.

In GOD we trust, all others we monitor.


Just hooked a new KNA-G610 to a Kenwood 696. Called Garmin and Kenwood. Kind of disappointed that the new garmin map 2011.3 is not ready for my unit which has the 2010 map. They stated that there is proprietary info that kenwood uses but my other topo map loaded via the SD card just fine.

Where do you guys get the POI files such as red light cams, etc. I am interested in POI data as well.