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MP3 Coast to Coast files


Where can I load those files on the Nuvi 770, can I place them in a directory on the Nuvi drive?



As long as you make sure that you download the MP3 version of the files, you can put them in the MP3 folder on your unit or on your SD card. They will show up in the MP3 player.

Note that you probably will want to put them on the card as the space on the unit will likely fill up quickly with MP3 files because they tend to be on the large side.

Typically, you are looking at 1MB per 1 minute.

I don't see a MP3 folder on

I don't see a MP3 folder on my Nuvi, where should it be?



Just create one if it's not there. It can be in the root (main) directory.

C to C

Try loading them in a time warp. Only kidding, I thought I was the only addict.

On long trips (several

On long trips (several hundred of miles) with no radio reception, it sure makes the time fly.


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