Someone suggested that I try poi2go at http://www.poi2go.com/mypoi/. Has anyone used this program and if yes did you get the results you expected?It looks like it may have some limit use.

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poi2go's mypoi

I use mypoi and find it EXTREMELY useful. For instance, I ran a search for a certain bank in the Cleveland, Ohio, area and specified a 30 mile radius. In six seconds, it returned about 150 hits that include the latitude and longitude, street address, and phone number of the hits. A great starting point for building a POI.
Unfortunately, the results don't include the city or ZIP code which is a real detriment.
All in all, it's a good program.

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Makes alot of mistakes like Harvester does, built on the same variables I imagine, using Yahoo. Takes a bit of work to clean the file up.

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I find POI2Go a great

I find POI2Go a great utility. There are some bogus entries but I use POIEdit to clean them out.