Nuvi 360 Not Booting Up after loading POI bitmap


My Nuvi 360 is not booting up any more: Stuck on "Loading Maps". Here's what I did, maybe someone has run into this and can help me out:

1) I created a bitmap file (Starbucks.bmp) to associate with a custome POI file that I had previously loaded (Starbucks.csv). I put the bmp file in the same directory as the csv file so POI loader would load the bmp.

NOTE: Many weeks ago I had loaded several custom POI files and used POI Loader to get them into the Nuvi. No problems with these.

2) I launched POI Loader and ran through the normal process . When I disconnected the Nuvi from the USB port (I stopped the USB device through the system tray and then disconnected the cable), the Nuvi rebooted and is now stuck on "Loading Maps".

3) Power button doesn't work, so I used the reset button to restart. Still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated (eg: any way to bypass the loading of custom POI's on bootup ?)


Are you using the beta version of POI Loader?

If not, download that, and use its feature to delete custom POI's and see if that doesn't clear things up.

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Can't even use POI loader ....

The Nuvi isn't being recognized by the PC any more since it's stuck half-way through the boot-up cycle. Stuck on "Loading Maps". Any way to boot up another way ?

If power & reset buttons don't work...

Calling tech support is the next thing...let us know what you find out if you get this fixed so we can use your experience for future reference.

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not booting up after loading POI bitmap

The exact same thing happened to me, with a c330; Garmin tech was not able to resolve by phone .. the unit is on its way to factory service.

Similar problem with c530

Last night the c530 worked fine and I loaded several POI's from the PC. Disconnected properly. Today I can't even turn on the unit. Nothing happens either alone, through the USB connection, nor through the car charger. Will have to call Garmin on Monday. Hate to be without the unit for any length of time.

Today I had my wife calling out turns and recalculating, just so I wouldn't feel depressed!!!!!

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I'd definitely like to hear the outcome from Garmin support.

mkahn -- were you also loading a bitmap file like the other two problems mentioned earlier in this thread?


Answer to JM

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure. I had made some changes to the POI's on my external card, and there is a bitmap in there. When I reload, I am replacing all files. I did test once, and it was working, but the next morning the unit wouldn't turn on.

I will let you know more after I talk to Garmin on Monday.

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My c530 is working again

Seems that when I left the GPS hooked up to the computer, something happened and the battery drained. Today I tried turning the unit on and off many times and hooking it up to the computer. After about 15 minutes plugged into the computer, the screen turned on.

Therefore, my problem was not related to this thread. Now that I know, if my GPS doesn't power on, I will leave it connected to the PC for at least a half hour before worrying.

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Could be it got really low

Could be it got really low on power...I've seen discussions on that issue with Garmin devices - sometimes , if they get really drained, the only way to revive them is via the USB cable plugged into the computer. It's good you got yours working.

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Well, I went back and forth

Well, I went back and forth a few times with Garmin tech support and they couldn't help. They gave me an RMA number to ship it back to them. Instead, I returned it to COSTCO for a full refund and now I'm considering upgrading to a Nuvi 660 instead.

Thanks for the postings.

Garmin that won't boot up

My c330 did the same thing and I returned it on an RMA (see earlier post); Garmin sent a replacement c330 same day they received mine. So I don't know the problem with my first unit, but they were super in terms of prompt resolution.

Had a brand new 530 with the same problem

I purchased a StreetPilot 530, and after updating it with Webupdate it appears the map files became corrupt. Garmin sent me out a DVD with City Navigator NT NA v8. I manually transferred the map files to the unit, and did a hard reset, but this still did not work. Returned it to the retailer and ended up getting a Nüvi 350. I was especially careful to do a complete file backup to the PC the first time it was connected this time. Not sure if this will help though.

By the way, I picked up the Nüvi 350 for $436.95 with 2nd day air shipping of $16.95. Thought that was a really good price.

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Direct USB Connection

I use a Mac and have found it easiest to connect the NUVI as an additional hard drive via the USB port and simply remove problematic files from the unit by dragging them to the trash bin. I believe you can do the same on a PC. though there may be a command from removal in lieu of dragging.

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There's a warning in the manual that says:

CAUTION: If you are not sure of a file's purpose, do NOT delete it. Your nuvi memory contains important files that should NOT be deleted. Be especially cautious of files located in the folders entitled "Garmin."

It's always a good idea to have a backup.


Same issue

I am facing the same issue of the unit getting stuck at "Loading maps" and not booting. i loaded some POI's downloaded form the web after which this problem started.

Any ideas ?


Error message: "No detailed maps found that support routing"

I think this was the exact error message I was getting when it was stuck loading maps. Has anyone else seen this message?

Garmin Nüvi 265WT,Software Ver. 7.00, City Navigator North America NT 2010.30

I just got a brand new Nuvi

I just got a brand new Nuvi 360 today, and on first boot it got stuck on loading maps for like 2 minutes, then it turned itself off and when it booted back up again it seems like its ok, although i'm a little nervous already and it's brand new!