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I just got off the phone with Garmin, the nuvi kept disconnecting from my Blackberry Pearl 8130. I did the bluetooth update (3.20) about 3 weeks ago with web update and it seemed to work great for a day or two, then kept disconnecting. The Garmin service rep helped me to downgrade the software to 2.80, and all seems to be good... for mow...

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I feel your pain

My BB8830 will not stay paired with my 660. But it's not like I used the Bluetooth on the 660 with the phone previous to the BB. I prefer the bluetooth headset to the 660 performance-wise....and the cabled earphone/mic thing that came with the BB is better than bluetooth.

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Same Problem

I had the same disconnect issues with my BB Pearl 8130 . I had tried resetting the units and tried letting my nuvi 660 find my BB and vice-versa. Nothing worked to keep a connection for any great length of time. I decided not to downgrade the BT version because I wasn't convinced that newer BT versions would correct this issue and I didn't want to keep it at v. 2.4 or 2.8.

Anyways I've found that if I turned my 660 on first and allow it to fully load up and then turn on my BB 8130 next and hit yes to allow the pairing, the BT connection is made and it has not disconnected on me in the past 8-10 times I've done it. So far so good.


Bluetooth on a NUVI 360

Had the exact same problem. My Blackberry was dropping the BT connection. I received a 2.4 version of BT from Garmin and everything has been great so far.

Can anyone tell me what the main difference is between the different BT versions?

Still no good

Two days later nuvi dropping the BB again, I guess I will have to shut it down until Garmin comes up with something newer mad

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hi! im new here.

just to comment on this as i am also using a nuvi 360. although my phone (Sonyericsson P990i)is not on the list of supported phones in my Nuvi, luckily, i was able to pair them flawlessly.

i think this problem lies in the compatibility of the BB phones with the Nuvi's bluetooth firmware.

one of my friends also experienced this kind of bug. and he also downgraded to v.2.80 to stop the problem.

i hope garmin would fix this bug sooner...

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Interesting to note...

...that people are having all manner of disconnect issues on iPhones since the iPhone software update 1.1.3 came out 3 weeks ago. Various Garmin devices involved, various solutions proposed, Garmin blames Apple, Apple blames Garmin, and nothing has permanently fixed it yet. Surprised to see users of other phones are experiencing the same issues.

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I am wondering if there has

I am wondering if there has been any more news on this subject. I just got a new Blackberry pearl and have a Nuvi 660. I am having the disconnect issue.

I can test it on Monday, my

I can test it on Monday, my coworker just got the pearl and my other has a c550 so perhaps we can see.

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Iphone 1.1.4

Just in case anyone miissed it, Apple's iPhone 1.1.4 update fixes all the bluetooth connection problems with my iPhone and my C550

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I have the same problem with my c580, and my blackberry curve 8320. Any ideas?


Contact Blackberry or Svc Provider

Since Apple was able to fix the problem as far as the iPhone, sounds as if the ball is in Blackberry's court.

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