are gps's tax deductible?


I used to be a student and bought a gps to facilitate interviews, etc. I don't wokr in the transportation industry or anything. Could I use nuvi purchase as a tax deduction?

That's a very good question

That's a very good question however unless we have a qualified Tax CPA on the forum I don't think this is the right place to ask. I would recommned contacting H&R Block, the IRS or your local Tax preparer.

Good luck on that!

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tax ded.

i dont know for anyone else but for me it was since i am a REALTOR, i use it everyday as part of my business.
best to check with your CPA. smile

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work expense

It all depends on if you itemize your deductions. For me it is no different than any other work expense, it is just another tool. I think that most people can take it and be ok. One accountant told me to keep all your papers and take the deductions. If they disallow it, then you say ok. Just don't be doing fraud and I think you are fine.


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You can always list at least

You can always list at least part of anything (if not the whole) that you use for work. I know that when I had my own business, I listed 1/3 of my house as a deduction (might not been 1/3, can't remember). But as the others have said, it is best to consult with a CPA about this.

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you can always list

If you use the longfrom you use it as a business expense