Why doesnt Garmin put a download to the current map with m/source on the net.


I see all of these requests for the current mapping software and mapsourse by Garmin users. Why can't they just have it available for a download on the net? Have a data bank on registered new owners and when we call give us a code that will work once. Or better yet have the link with password come with the new unit. Wouldnt it be much cheaper for them to do it this way then to send a disk with it on? Cost of mailing, handling, and the disk has to be $2-3.

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Downloading map

I just checked my 2008 update disk and it appears to contain over 3 gigabytes of data. That would be an incredibly long download and would not really be feasible.

That answers that

Thanks never thought of the large size doh...

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Especially for those of us with dialup...lol

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gpfoster wrote:

Especially for those of us with dialup...lol

Is the bestest ever,


Its still a good idea

Its still a good idea though, even if it was a 3GB download. Most people on high speed would be able to d/l it at most a couple of hours. Still better than 2 months like it took garmin to send my upgrade disc. For those still on dial up, well then receiving the actual disc is the best option, since it would take 3 months to d/l 3GB.

Better idea

Why not include the stupid DVD in the box with every unit.

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Their reasoning is that since you can't load routes to most of these units and people can cause errors on their units by accidentally sending maps from MapSource to their units (which results in more Tech Support calls), it's better not to include the DVD.

I'm not saying that I agree with their reasoning, but I believe that that's why they do it that way. I'd say that a vast majority of total users never call for the disk.