A POI not found


While trying out my brand new nuvi 660 a few days ago, it told me that there is an A&W reataurant in Sedrowoolley, in Washington St. With a bit of surprise that there might be an A&W in that small town, not far from where I was, and because I like A&W, I set out. Curiosity and hunger had me... I was on my way.

Well, it took me into a lonely, dark, dead-end street, way deep in a residential neighborhood, with NOOO A&W even in that town --period!

It is now confirmed! There is NO A&W in Sedrowoolley Wa. Seems the Nuvi had it wrong-

Jim Caulfield

~Jim~ Nuvi-660, & Nuvi-680

You aren't the first

You aren't the first to run into this problem. I used my GPS to find a better way to get to a favorite BBQ joint. I wound up in the middle of a trailor park. It turns out that many businesses register with the home address of the owner rather than the business address, then when companies buy lists of businesses, they get those addresses and that is what winds up on our GPS units.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

Damn Business Owners

I also have found this true. Although I didn't quite understand why it was picking them up. Thanks for the intel Prismtx.

hello jim

jimyou will also have to relize that u are now a gps owner thinking you have a new unit lol the case its in muight be brand new but the maps on your machine was created years ago u will disocver this with in your own town something has changed a couple of years ago but your gps dont show it !!!

I had an issue where the

I had an issue where the correct business address was listed in the POI file correctly but the device routed me to a different location. However, when I searched for the address manually, it took me to the front door. I now do a sanity check by checking the map and makign sure the street named is shown.

If in any doubt, since most

If in any doubt, since most POIs have a telephone number included, I give them a call on the cell phone to make sure they are still in business, open and located where the Nuvi thinks they are. Saves gas and time.

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A POI not found

Yes, that sounds like fair advice, thanks!


~Jim~ Nuvi-660, & Nuvi-680

This is one of the cons to a

This is one of the cons to a GPS, it is impossible to get near instant updates for maps and POIs. I'm sure that time will come but who knows when.

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