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America's Best Small Towns

Last updated: 10/25/2014
America's Best Small Towns.gpx (18.88 KB)
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Halls Of Fame

Last updated: 01/17/2015
Halls Of Fame.gpx (108.39 KB)
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Developed Hot springs

Last updated: 09/19/2014
347 locations; Developed Thermal Springs (9-2014).csv (43.04 KB)
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Port Aransas, Texas

Last updated: 09/15/2014
Port Aransas.gpx (16.51 KB)

STL250 Cakeway to the West

Last updated: 07/28/2014
250 locations; Cakeway complete.csv (22.24 KB)
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Outer Banks, NC ice cream & frozen treats

Last updated: 09/21/2014
OBX Ice Cream-20140922.gpx (28.39 KB)
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Long Island, NY Wineries

Last updated: 02/09/2014
LI Wineries-20140209.gpx (27.56 KB)
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Vintage MX Tracks (Northwest)

Last updated: 01/14/2014
Vintage MX Tracks.gpx (2.97 KB)

Scenic Hudson Parks (NY)

Last updated: 07/24/2015
Scenic Hudson.gpx (32.69 KB)
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Heritage Steam Railroads and Scenic Trains

Last updated: 07/26/2018
213 locations; Heritage_Steam_Railroads_and_Scenic_Trains.csv (21.98 KB)
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Outer Banks, NC traveler's info

Last updated: 09/21/2014
OBX info-20140922.gpx (24.58 KB)

Mt. McKinley Viewpoints: Great Places to See The Great One

Last updated: 08/18/2013
18 locations; mtMcKinley_View_Points.csv (1.29 KB)
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Scary Place

Last updated: 08/13/2013
104 locations; Scary Place.csv (9.42 KB)

Ohio Amish Shops & Stores w/Antique Shops

Last updated: 06/04/2013
73 locations; Amish Shops.csv (5.9 KB)
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Crime Scenes USA

Last updated: 05/04/2013
Crime Scenes USA.gpx (470.42 KB)

Historic MI Cider Mills

Last updated: 02/18/2013
Cider Mills - Historic.gpx (12.69 KB)
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Southern California Snow Play (CSV Format)

Last updated: 01/21/2013
17 locations; Southern California Snow Play.csv (3.88 KB)
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Interesting NJ

Last updated: 03/30/2019
268 locations; Interesting NJ.csv (24.11 KB)
Weird New Jersey.jpg
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Latvian Castles and Manors

Last updated: 01/09/2013
57 locations; Latvian Castles and Manors.csv (38.03 KB)
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Fredericksburg Texas area attractions

Last updated: 11/25/2012
Fredericksburg (TX) Area Attractions.gpx (48.81 KB)
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