Big 10 Football Stadiums

Last updated: 01/13/2020
14 locations; Big 10 Football Stadiums.csv (1.71 KB)

PAC Football Stadiums

Last updated: 01/20/2020
12 locations; PAC Football Stadiums.csv (1.45 KB)
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Abandoned places in the southwest

Last updated: 07/19/2019
50 locations; AbandonedPlaces.csv (3.17 KB)

Main TN River Dams

Last updated: 07/04/2019
Main TN River Dams.GPX (8.9 KB)

Alcoa Dams

Last updated: 07/04/2019
Alcoa Dams.GPX (5.46 KB)

Dams of TN

Last updated: 07/04/2019
TN Dams.GPX (22.68 KB)

Around Timmins Ontario Canada Attractions And Sports

Last updated: 06/05/2019
12 locations; Attraction And Sports.csv (906 bytes)

Open Drive In Theatres US and Canada

Last updated: 05/25/2019
352 locations; open drive-ins.csv (34.41 KB)

Holmes County Amish Country

Last updated: 03/26/2019
Holmes Amish.gpx (54.47 KB)

ACC Football Stadiums

Last updated: 08/27/2017
18 locations; ACC Football Stadiums.csv (1.66 KB)

Motorcycle Museums

Last updated: 01/30/2019
Motorcycle Museums.gpx (34.26 KB)
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Best US Aquariums

Last updated: 12/16/2018
Best US Aquariums.gpx (11.39 KB)
Best US Aquariums.jpg

XiAn City Tour

Last updated: 10/30/2018
XiAn.gpx (57.55 KB)

Yekaterinburg City Tour

Last updated: 10/28/2018
Yekaterinburg.gpx (33.85 KB)

Almaty City Tour

Last updated: 10/28/2018
Almaty.gpx (19 KB)

St Petersburg City Tour

Last updated: 10/27/2018
StPetersburg.gpx (91.3 KB)

Mills - Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM)

POI_SPOOM State Roster
Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM)

POI files for all known “mills” (Chop; Cider; Feed; Flour; Grist; Hobby; Hydro; Pumping; Replica; Roller; Textile; Woodworking; Others) in the USA.

Separate files by state. (not all states added yet)

If you are viewing these in Basecamp:

  • Red Flag = Non-Operational

Mills - New York (SPOOM)

Last updated: 06/25/2018
POI_NY_Mills.gpx (42.86 KB)

Liberty Bell Replicas

Last updated: 12/23/2017
LibertyBellReplicas.gpx (27.52 KB)
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