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North Carolina Mountains to Sea Trail

Last updated: 06/20/2024
North Carolina Mountains to Sea Trail.gpx (275.14 KB)
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Rocky Mountains National Park POIs

Last updated: 11/06/2023
Rocky Mountains National Park.gpx (1.45 MB)
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National Recreation Trails

Last updated: 11/06/2023
National Recreation Trails.gpx (1.45 MB)
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park POIs

Last updated: 04/08/2024
Great Smoky Mountains National Park.gpx (3.87 MB)
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Voyageurs National Park Campsites

Last updated: 10/29/2023
Voyageurs National Park Campsites.gpx (236.23 KB)
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Appalachian Trail POIs

Last updated: 10/24/2023
Appalachian Trail.gpx (2.76 MB)
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Iowa Recreation Sites

Last updated: 05/29/2024
Iowa Recreation Sites.gpx (5.86 MB)
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Pennsylvania State Parks

Last updated: 10/20/2023
Pennsylvania State Parks.gpx (351.08 KB)
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North Carolina State Parks

Last updated: 09/19/2023
North Carolina State Parks.gpx (63.66 KB)
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State Parks / Provincial Parks USA & Canada

Last updated: 06/18/2024
6641 locations; State & Provincial Parks USA & Canada.csv (541.78 KB)
State Parks.JPG

Recent Changes

  • ajasaro - Jun 18, 2024
    Added 11 locations & deleted 1 location

Pennsylvania State Game Lands and Parks

Last updated: 03/13/2017
PA State Gameland.gpx (18.53 MB)
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Montana State Parks

Last updated: 11/02/2015
51 locations; Montana State Parks.csv (3.99 KB)

New York State Parks

Last updated: 07/17/2014
New York State Parks.gpx (132.18 KB)
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Long Island, NY Greenbelt Trail parking

Last updated: 12/05/2013
LI Greenbelt Trail parking-20131205.gpx (16.89 KB)
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Southern California Snow Play (CSV Format)

Last updated: 01/21/2013
17 locations; Southern California Snow Play.csv (3.88 KB)
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Bear Mountain/Harriman State Park (NY) trail parking

Last updated: 12/13/2011
Harriman trail parking 20111213.gpx (22.4 KB)

Texas boat ramps, fishing piers and beaches.

Last updated: 03/15/2015
1198 locations; Texas-Boat-Ramps.csv (224.94 KB)

South Dakota State Parks

Last updated: 09/03/2010
61 locations; SD State Parks.csv (5.38 KB)

Ohio State Parks 2010

Last updated: 04/14/2010
70 locations; State_Parks-US-OH-Ohio.csv (3.35 KB)
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New Mexico Locals

Last updated: 12/26/2009
2496 locations; New Mexico locals.csv (181.93 KB)
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