Number of Icons that can be loaded onto my custom POI's.


I am able to only load 256 icons onto my custom poi listing. I have tried to load files either (1)totally onto my gps 7200, (2) totally onto my sd card or (3)any combination of the two. The number of files are not limited to 256, but when my number of icons reaches 256, no further icons are loaded. Any files after the 256 are loaded without any problems. However, all I get for icons is the black dots. Anyone experiencing this limitation? I have contacted Garmin, but have not received a response.


Do you have your POI files all in one folder or are they separated into different folders on your computer?

They are in different

They are in different folders.


Ok, I have another question.

Are they in 256 different folders? I'm not sure if that will matter or not.

My understanding is that there is/may be a limit of 256 on the number of categories there can be.

Number of icons

I have a total of 45 folders and around 305 files. Initially I did not have icons for all of the files. I decided that I wanted icons for all of the files. I have some of my files by state and also by USA. Example,my campgrounds are by individual states and I also have them by the USA and I have a couple of others divided the same way. I assigned icons to all of these files and after loading them onto my gps, I noticed that the last files did not show any icons. I decided to remove one of the files that had a large number of icons and proceded to reload the remaining files on my gps. The exact number of icons that I removed by removing that file, now showed up on the remaining files, I started counting the icons and that is how I keep coming up with the number 256. I tried loading all folders onto my gps , also tried all of the files on my sd card and finally tried a combination between the two. Same results, 256 icons. I contacted Garmin, but have not received an answer. I used poi loader for all of the operations


Since it's specifically that number, I have believe that it has something to do with the Windows/DOS limitation.