Another FunnyStory


My wife doesn't know much about my 360. She had to go to a meeting in a suburb of Dallas (Arlington). She wanted to use the GPS. I set it up for her and told her how to get home. I have mine set with a female voice from Austrailia. She and a friend went to the meeting and it worked fine. She set it to come home. However, her friend wanted to be dropped off at her Dentist's office. Once they got off the route home, it started recalculating.

When she got home she said "That is the most obnoxious women in your GPS" " We have to give her a name" She said "How about Hillary"

We now refer to to my GPS as "Hillary".

She has learned to use it and she even has her own suction cup mount in her car. So now she asks "Can I borrow "Hillary" today. --------Earl Leeson

No politics intended.

Earl Leeson Dallas, Texas Garmin Nuvi 360 (wife) Garmin Nuvi 660 (Me)

i hope this does not violate

i hope this does not violate election laws lol