Contributors of the week 2007-01-08


This week we are giving trophies to Sir Cadfael and Dfred1.

Sir Cadfael has spent a huge amount of time and energy starting our new US Weigh Stations file, I know that that was not an easy task .

Dfred1 has just been chugging along making database after database and shows no signs of slowing down.

Great job everyone, we had another fantastic week here at the POI Factory.

Miss Poi

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Just bumping, I seem to like

Just bumping, I seem to like bumping things this morning. This unread posts feature is on the to do list to get fixed. I will keep bumping the new posts as I see them until then.

Miss Poi


Thank you most kindly Maryann for the trophy. (humbled)

It's my pleasure to help out in any way I can.