I recently bought my very first GPS, Garmin Street Pilet c530 and love it. I would love it even more if I could find POI to download for especially Ontario parks, conservation areas, walking/bike trails, etc. Just neat, nice places that I could stop at and walk the puppy (she's 13). We love to go for car trips and it would be great if I could put in a town, etc. and find parks and conservation areas, etc. nearby. Anything like that out there?


Anyone out there in canada want to start this project for shebala? We could set you up with an open database and people can volunteer to work on it.

Miss Poi


Thank you Miss POI. Whatever you can do to help get this started would be great. What is an 'open database'? I'm kind of a duffer when it comes to computer stuff, so user friendly would be appreciated.

an open database is sort of

an open database is sort of like a form that you can use to add a large number of locations to one file that can be downloaded into your gps.
Does that help at all. I am not all that technical either, that is why JM gets all the hard questions to answer.

Miss Poi