my nuvi has some wrong exit names for offramps


I love my nuvi and all, but the MOST annoying part about it is to encounter an offramp that isn't what the sign says. For example, in Pasadena CA, the Fair Oaks Av/Marengo Av exit off the 134 E shows up as Corson St exit.

Another one, in Simi Valley CA, the Madera Rd exit on 118 W shows up as View Line Dr.

I know that those offramps exit to those streets, but I would think the navigational software would have a database of all the exits based on what the signs say.

Is there any way to get those fixed other than waiting for an update from Garmin?

Has anyone else had this

Has anyone else had this issue?

Miss Poi

wrong exit names

I have this problem as well with my NUVI 660. The major issue I have is that the GPS attempts to make me turn on one way streets going the wrong way. Baltimore and Washington DC is built on a one way street program. Most streets in these cities are one way.

Also the NUVI calls some roads Drive instead of road. No big deal except when there is a drive and road with the same name in the same area and you need one or the other.

It has happened to me

My Nuvi 660 incorrectly directs me off the Bruckner Expressway in the Bronx at "Bruckner Blvd" when the correct name of the exit is "White Plains Rd." It isn't a major problem for me since I am familiar with the area and the exit number is correct, but I wonder if I was traveling in an unfamiliar area how I would feel about it.

Reporting Incorrect signs

I would suggest that you report the exit sign errors to Navteq so that they can be corrected in future versions of the Garmin mapping software. The same goes for address, street, or built-in POI errors.

The address to make the report is:

The interface for reporting is straightforward. You would need to check "other>>>>signs" for this type of error. Navteq will send a thankyou email confirming receipt.

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Thanks for the info and

Thanks for the info and link. I noticed a few errors in Soutern California so I will use that site to post errors.

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Thanks, I've reported them.

Thanks, I've reported them.

Bruckner Blvd

The Garmin is correct. You are pulling off the Bruckner Expressway onto Bruckner Boulevard, which then you would take White Plains Road North or South. I think the road sign is the problem in this case. (It should state Bruckner Boulevard - To White Plains Road) If one were not familiar with the area and pulled off the Bruckner Expressway onto the Boulevard, and they did not have a Garmin they would assume they were on White Plains Road. In my opinion this is just another case of poor road signs, like many others in the NY Metro area.

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Any way to reconfigure errors manually?

I have a Garmin Nüvi 350 - just arrived today. These comments have me concerned about errors in guidance. Is there a way to go into the software and manually adjust errors?

Manual adjustment

The only way I think you can do this is to "re-label" the guidance items you are interested in by adding custom POI's to the unit. This would add a second custom label to the location. I wouldn't worry about it though, I have been using mine for about a month now, in NY, PA and Québec and it works great!

Garmin Nüvi 265WT,Software Ver. 7.00, City Navigator North America NT 2010.30


I understand what you are saying, but since the Bruckner Expressway parallels Bruckner Blvd., using your logic, all the exits would be named "Bruckner Blvd." I think the problem is with the unit, not the sign

I found Garmin to be right

I have found several instances where the Garmin was correct. For example, we have always called this road Quarry Rd. and another road intersects with called Hartshorne. The garmin is correct saying it is S. Hartshorne and the road that intersects is actually W. Hartshorne and Quarry begins after that intersection. For years everyone refers to it as quarry but the Garmin has labeled it properly. So they maybe right and we may be wrong at times. A very old county map I have confirmed this.

Map Quest

Well, all in all, my nuvi makes things like map quest look like a joke. Regardless of street names, one way streets, and it's minor errors, it beats anything I've used before it. Just don't let the thing replace your brain and you'll be just fine...

Incorrect exit ramp names

What I've found with my Nuvi 660 is that when it speaks an exit ramp name, the ramp name it says is actually the same as the road I'm currently on and additionally, it will will speak as follows; "exit ramp to (road name)" where as I mentioned, "road name" is the one I'm on, not the ramp/intersection I'm going to.

Otherwise, the navigation is perfect and it speaks street names correctly. The above only happens when on a major thoroughfare and coming to an exit ramp that's on the current route.

One way error

I found a similar one way error while in Savannah Georgia this past week. My 660 tried to get me to turn the wrong way on a one way. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the road, so I can not report it.

Also, My NUVI tends to give me routes that are not necessarily the optimal route. I will notice myself driving on a small secondary road while there is a major road running adjacent. I have my options set to fastest time, is there something else I can do, or is it just because there is probably no difference in time for the two routes?


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Optimal Route

Make sure you don't have any avoidances set such as toll roads.

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Thanks MKAHN,

Just checked it, avoidances were set for Traffic and U-Turns. I took off the U turn avboidance and will see if that makes a difference.


R/Tim NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120, zumo 660, nuvi 3790


jgreens would you happen to work for NYCDOT? Just kidding. smile

I probably wont change your opinion but the device isn't saying to take the Bruckner Blvd exit, it is saying take ramp to Bruckner Blvd to White Plains Rd. So following what I believe is correct logic many of the exits from the Bruck would state this yes, but also state "to (such and such) road".

I'll use the example of Bob coming into the city never being there before. Exiting the expressway the car breaks down, following the sign logic he would report to emergency personnel that he is on White Plains road. However if he was using a GPS stating that he was on Bruckner Boulevard westbound just before Virginia Ave, that would be more helpful.

Nonetheless, it is good to see people can think differently and still share common interests.

Regards, Weebl

Garmin Nüvi 265WT,Software Ver. 7.00, City Navigator North America NT 2010.30


Weebl, not DOT, but for NYC.

Your are right in that we are looking at the same situation differently, and I believe that we both have valid points. I just think that when my Garmin tells me to "take exit on right to Bruckner Blvd." and I look up and see a sign that says "White Plains Road" there is a great deal of confusion. Imagine your friend Bob who has never been here before and is traveling at 60 mph. What does he do, exit or continue on?

Either way, it is a minor issue and I am very happy with the unit overall.