Preloaded POI inaccuracies


I have a Nuvi 350. I have found several preloaded POI that aren't even close. One is not even in the right town and several seem to be .5 to .7 miles off and on the wring road. Is there a way to correct these when I find them?

Nuvi 350

Preloaded POI's

You can't change the database, however you can go to and report the error. The next time they update the software to Garmin it would be corrected. These changes only come out once per year.

When I am aware of the error, I use the custom poi database to lookup the site. Generally downloaded from this site.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

Navman iCN510 has a BAD POI database.

The POI's in my old Navman iCN510 were at least wrong 30% of the time, to the point where I just turned the displaying of POI off. They really cluttered up the screen anyway.

My brother-in-laws variety

My brother-in-laws variety store shows up in the POI but the address is to his home not his store. Explains the increase in traffic he's getting at home LOL.

You can report errors at and hope for changes in the next map updates. I have 5 errors reported and still waiting for an update.

how do we download a new set

how do we download a new set of map data for our GPS, and when does it get updated?