Map version?


So this is probably a dumb question (I have lots) but where do you find out what version map (2007 or 2008) is installed? I have seen lots of posts regarding updates from Garmin from 2007 to 2008. I purchased mine in December 2007 so I'm assuming I have 2008 maps but I can't see anywhere on the unit, box it came in, etc. that tells me for sure.

Nuvi 660.

For the Nuvi 760

>Tools >settings >map [Map Info]

Garmin Nüvi 855 & 760, iPhone, Magellan RM860T

For a Garmin nuvi 660

Go to tools (the wrench on the home screen) ..then
Go to Map (upper left of screen)... then
Go to Map Info (lower center of screen...
see list (probably just one) hopefully it says "City Navigator North America NT 2008

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Dumb indeed

Many thanks for the quick replies. And good to find I do have the 2008 version!