Contributors of the week 2007-01-07


This week we are recognizing Dbrillha and Sofrito.

Dbrillha, You made a fantastic guide for new members to use to help them make files and alerts. I know that you spent a considerable about of time building this guide. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Sofrito, You have been filling in some of the missing links for the CT and RI areas. Thanks for making those missing files.

Miss POI

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Congrats to all.

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Congrats to both.

Well done!

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Good job on your

Good job on your contributions to the group.

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Congrats! Thanks for keeping this site the best!

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Way to go guys...

Way to go guys...

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Congrats to all!!

Continued contributions like this are what make this community live and breath.

Congrats to all....and

Congrats to all....and please continue to contribute to this wonderful site!

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Thank you very much

I am gald to be part of this awesome site, everyone makes it nice and I am having a lot of fun, thank you miss poi and everyone.