Nominations for Contributor of the week of January 7th 2008


Hello everyone,
I have not made this post in weeks because it got to the point that no one ever responded.

I want to bring it back because I think that it is an important part of our community.

You deserve to have a voice here regarding your feelings about your peers and the work that they are doing.

Hopefully this weekly post will become something that is anticipated by those that feel the desire to pat someone on that back and nominate them for the Contributor of the week award.

Miss POI

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I know there is lots of traffic and lots of users here but doing something like this weekly might be overkill. How about user of the MONTH ??

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I Concur

Monthly is probably better with the recent growth of the userbase.

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I agree

kch50428 wrote:

Monthly is probably better with the recent growth of the userbase.

I agree.

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I was going to suggest daily wink but I suppose monthly would be fine.

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No Moo

But then the award wouldn't moo any more! And rlallos, daily would get too fishy! mrgreen

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Contributor of the week award

I would like for dbrillha to be nominate for the contributor of the week award.After reading his post on Custom POI Alerts & TourGuides It is easy see that a lot of hard work and research went in to developing this instructional guide.All members will benefit especially our new comers to the GPS scene.

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We will be keeping the COW

We will be keeping the COW awards because it is important to recognize users on a weekly basis. Some members join for a few weeks and then the fascination is gone, they deserve to be acknowledged if they were the top contributors for one week.

Miss POI


Actually the real reason Miss Poi wants to keep it weekly is because she likes having it be the "COW" award. "COM" isn't very fun!

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