help!!! can't locate any satellite signal


I just purchased a Garmin Nuvi 660 last week and it was working fine until last night , it would locate a satellite signal in less than a minute, but this morning something happened to it, it won't get any satellite signals anymore and it only reads "Locating Satellites" on the view map page and its been more than an 2 hours trying to locate a satellite, also the time is bad, everytime I turn it off and on it goes back to 8:00pm, I have restored it to factory settings but that wont fix it, does anybody know how to fix this? I'd really appreciate all the help i can get from you guys,

Return it

Same thing happened to my 370 that I got for Christmas - worked great for two days, lost satellite, got it back the next day, then lost again forever. Called Garmin, got an RMA, got a new one a week later, works great. (I went through all the software updates and such that the tech wanted, but nothing made a difference. I think they will make you go through this.)

Or, if you are cleverer than I am, and keep your boxes and such, exchange it where you bought it.

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