Interesting icon - cloud with lightning


I just recieved my Nuvi 680 yesterday and up until now i was getting an icon that looks like a cloud with three lightning bolts coming from it. And when i clicked on it it went to a screen and said something like nothing found. I also got this same screen when i clicked on the lower right hand side of the screen that is supposed to take you to the next turn page. It just went away so i dont think there is a problem now but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue?

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Weather icon

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The issue has been reported to Garmin and Microsoft

Known Issue

I spoke with Garmin today, since I have had the same experience since updating the firmware. They are working on a fix.
Bluetooth is more buggy than ever since updating the firmware, and I hope they will fix that too. weather updates on the 680?

I did not know the 680 came with weather updates...

Garmin is working on a fix and it should be resolved soon.

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