How can I download red light camera file again within 30 days?


Hi there,

I became a member of Red Light Camera Community and downloaded red light camera file 2 weks ago. I saw the file is updated now. How can I download it again? Thanks.


download links

Contributions made after Christmas (starting Dec 26th) included a link that was sent via email that works up to 3 times in 30 days. If you contributed before Christmas, I can lookup your transaction using the PayPal email address you used.

If you need help with either situation, just send me the details via the contact form and I'll take care of it. :)


Red light camera download

Like Steven I also downloaded the red light file. I purchased it on 1-2-07. It has since been updated and I tried to download from the link that was in email. It seems it didn't add any new ones. I checked the 2 that I had sent in and they were not on my gps. Do I need diffent link? And when downloading for second time does it overwrite the orginal files with new ones? Or does it duplicate them? Keep up the great work love the site. I know you and Miss POI are putting a lot of work into it.


Miss poi adds new locations to the file, so it's intended to replace any older files you may have.

We've started including a date stamp in the file, so if you look inside with notepad or Excel, you can see the file's release date. You can also view the date stamp on your GPS by selecting a camera location and viewing its detailed information. It's a good idea to check the date stamps before you transfer the file to your GPS.

I'll ask MaryAnn (Miss poi) to get in touch with you regarding the 2 locations you reported. She'll be able to track them down for you.